Welcome to Eco Prospects

I have been helping  the UK’s  farmers, waste producers and specialist anaerobic digestors to benefit from Renewables by managing key commercial, regulatory and technical areas for most of my career.  My clients tell me that my advice and support has measurable business benefits and I’d like to think I can help you too.

Eco Prospects is at the forefront of developing the link from the Renewables sector to agriculture, in the use of a renewable fertiliser.

I provide straight-talking agronomic, renewables and commercial advice from a seasoned sales manager. Here are the three main areas of specific projects and knowledge to help you.

If you are a waste producer or more specifically an anaerobic digester, I provide commercial, regulatory and contractual advice, including,

  • Feed stock sourcing, I understand the need for consistent feed stock, that can achieve high gas yield potential, whilst maintaining a healthy environment for the bugs in the AD. Eco Prospects founders’ 20 years of experience in sourcing organic material across the UK informs the advice I provide.
  • Commercial advice, such as understanding the drivers and returns for any start up AD, matching the business plan to the reality of the current UK market; Insightful and knowledgeable experience from the ‘real world, will give a quick and decisive approach to the way ahead whilst being open and leading on new ideas.
  • Sales channels,  such as digestate, compost or organic waste stream.
  • Legal and compliance advice,  FACTS qualifications and fine eye for the commercial detail of contracts and regulatory demands adds value here.
  • Contract management – ensuring what is paid for is what is delivered.  You’ve placed a contract, let’s make sure they perform!
  • Statement of benefits and deployments for all UK regulatory bodies.
  • Haulage and application, best practice access and working partnership track record to major contractors across the country. Understanding of the commercial aspects of the job and it balance in terms of risk to the customer.

For the agricultural industry I offer specific sales in renewable fertilisers
Compost helping to increase organic matter and reduce the need for artificial fertilisers.

  • Digestate supplies readily available amounts of nitrogen that will significally improve your gross margin.
  • Agronomic Advice complete bespoke nutrient management systems for customers to enhance their use of nutrients.
  • Fertiliser Agronomic Certificate Training Scheme (FACTS) Qualified UK qualification for advice on all nutrients to the UK farming systems.

I am an agent to the UK Importer of SteFoS BV slurry storage – valuable for our agricultural clients as well as waste producers.

The major benefits of these tanks are:

  • Range of silo, corrugated and lagoon systems to meet all typical UK situations
  • Floating covers to prevent volatilisation and odour
  • Mixers to provide consistent quality of digstate and slurry
  • Fully installed by our dedicated team of engineers
  • Foil liners made to the systems requirements
  • Quick to install between, typically 2-5 days
  • Meets UK SAFO regulations
  • On Silo Systems no foundations required
  • Silo systems can be taken a down and moved as per requirement
  • For 1287m3 no planning required can be erected under an agricultural notice.
  • Proven track record of storing slurry and Digestate Europe wide
  • A proven product with 30 years of proven sales in the Netherlands, and dominate the market; more than half of the total country’s slurry storage
  • Life expectancy 25 years + with a 10 year guarantee on most popular models

Ben Goad – your renewables and commercial advisor

More importantly, I’ve “walked the talk” with experience from organics industry, agriculture, and sales who knows the risk and opportunities to address.

If you like what you’ve heard so far, and you think we may be able to help you with some of the challenges you’re facing, then contact us for an informal discussion. There’s no commitment – we’ll just discuss your situation to see if working together might be a good fit.

Drop a note to Ben Goad and let’s start a dialogue.


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